Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet tooth!

Thankss <3 for cheering my mood....It really made my day..Donuts Donuts Donuts~! :) No one will resist it..Everyone loves donuts so do i...
Big Apple Donuts were softer, fresher off the oven, and creamier plus krispy..  
But i really wanna taste Krispy Kremes Donut's however... :D Xoxo!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Please i need some air...

As usual the feeling of cant sleep at night...bored till death! Wake up in the morning with a head ache and gastric (due to skipping meal) :/ No strength to grab phone...No mood listen to music.... Straight when to toilet to shower with silences and not even a sound came out from me. Feel like insufficient of air...Cant even breath properly...My heart hurts and feel unstable...As if it can kill me any moment....As if i'm suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy..(what an exaggeration of me :S) Yawn!
What a worst feeling ever..WHY??WHY??WHY??

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I definitely Dolce & Gabbana

Peonies are the new roses: Romantic, fragrant and beautiful 

Peonies have enjoyed a new found popularity in recent years, and this could not be missed in the fashion sphere. For SS12 D&G have devised a beautiful, pictorial print with pink and fuchsia peonies to frighten your summer days..

Shes wearing double breasted mini leather trennch coat, crepe yellow peony print mini dress and leopard print and wood sandals. And on the left: yellow peony print jumpsuit with pussy bow detail, plexiglass necklace, leopard print pony skin Miss Charles bag and leopard print and wood sandals.

On the right shes wearing Light jersey grey T shirt, peony print white denim, raffia trilby and leopard print and wood sandals. On the left wears: Mini leather bombr jacket, grey peony print charmeuse top, yellow peony print stretch crepe de chine pencil skirt, plexiglass maxy necklace and leopard print and wood sandals.

On the right shes wearing cashmere wrap jumper, stretch silk crepe peony print shift and leopard print sandals. On the left wears: cashmere maxi cardigan, charmeuse peony print bodysuit and wood and leopard print sandals.
Everyone with fashion sense loves D & G... <3 Xoxo!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Restaurant with History..:)

Okay on 7th april after the engagement day...Me and my familia went to The Curve,Damansara..
While we were at MNG waiting for fana to choose her blouse but then mama started to create a pity scene....
Mama cakap "fana fana baju blouse ni cantik la.."
so fana cakap "ak'ah la mama...amik la if mama nak"
So yg lain2 *allert  (kakak,nida,fatiah) dengki nak bodek2 skit
Then at last fana ckp "YELAAA AMIK LA".... $$$$$! HAHAHAAH...
but me and thiya xsuke baju MNG so demand skit pergi carik baju dkt CHACE CHACE..
.i love their style ala-ala BLair Waldorft Gossip girl :)

Then Farhana wanted to treat us for after a lots of lots of argument finally we all choose to eat at Forrest Gump  Bubba Gump,Shrimp Co...

Before i started to introduce the Restaurant..lets hear a little story of the history of establishment okay..
This restaurant sebenarnye impian or idaman Forrest gump if im not mistaken la...
Cube tgok citer Forrest Gump.,.
If malas meh nenek citer skit...:)

It is based on true story...

So they remake the movie based on true story..
The movie starts with Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) telling his life story to strangers at a bus stop. He starts with telling about the braces he wore on his legs as a child, which caused other children to bully him. At school, Forrest met Jenny (Robin Wright), an abused girl who became his life-long friend. Her advice to Forrest was to "run" whenever he got into trouble. Forrest ran constantly, eventually allowing him to discard his leg braces and "run like the wind blows."
Despite having below average intelligence, Forrest earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama after Bear Bryant spotted Forrest running away from bullies.
After graduating, Forrest enlisted in the Army and was sent to Vietnam, where he became friends with Bubba (Mykelti Williamson), a man whose life-long dream was to buy a shrimping boat. When the platoon was ambushed, Forrest's "running" saves many of the men in his unit as Forrest ran repeatedly into the firefight and carried them to safety. Bubba died, while the platoon's commanding officer, Lt. Dan Taylor (Gary Sinise), loses both legs. Forrest himself is injured and awarded the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon B. Johnson. In Washington, Forrest wandered into an anti-war rally led byAbbie Hoffman at the National Mall, where he again met Jenny, who had become a hippie.
While recovering from his injuries, Forrest discovered an aptitude for ping pong. He began playing for the U.S. Army team, eventually competing against Chinese teams on a goodwill tour
Because of his many accomplishments, Forrest was invited to appear on the Dick Cavett Show
Using money from his ping-pong career, Forrest bought a shrimping boat, fulfilling his wartime promise to Bubba. Lt. Dan kept his earlier promise and joined him as first mate. They initially had little luck, but after Hurricane Carmen swept away the rest of their competition, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company became a huge success. At the same time, Forrest had to return home to care for his dying mother. Forrest left the company in the hands of Lt. Dan, who invested their wealth in shares from Apple. The two men became extremely wealthy.
So the story tells about Forrest Gump life...her love story with Jenny....and then he died...
Actually it is a good story though.....

So here we are at this Bubba Gump :D

Bubba Gump, The Curve
Run forrest run-its mean when you ask the waitress to be fast

look familiar right
Stop forrest stop-its mean when you called for the waitress to if you in favor of somting..

Add caption

My food-fish and shrimp

This rib eye steak and chicken is heaven...

Thats is quite expensive but worth it seriously o_o xoxo~!

Expresso from My Heart

"I dont really care if you have a master or doctor or whatsoever...i would not respect you unless you are smart in way you do things and behave....Thats all matter...."

by Nyde@Nida..xoxo~

Intan & Arel | Engagement

Yesterday which is 7th April....we gather with cousin and all for The engagement day of Intan And Arel.. .

Picturen was taken by AzamRasid Pixtures 

ini la intan and arel!

Muka Temper!

Tetibe muka excited nmpk camera -.-

nice shot :)
That's it  malas nak bebel...xoxo!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Late Night Snack~!

Yeahhh after craving for it during the finals exam last month...I finally got one..just only one red velvet for me muaxhhhh! You all can enjoy this cuppies by watching only :D Yummie!

I Vow To Love You...

Okay i just got back from the cinema...
Me Momma Lyian And thiya je yang pergi....
Adry ade aktiviti dkt sekolah maybe solat hajat i guess sebb nak spm kan so bwt aktiviti2...watever!
And Fana na na na pergi dating dengan Zakie kie kie kie BOOOOO!
So, we went to wangsa walk to watch the wow THE VOW.. It was a romantic movie...

Its about these two lovers fall deeply in love with each other..they get married and bla bla bla...
Suddenly, the woman got into accident and lost her memories... :(
The guy do the best he could to help his wife to regain her memories..
But the wife seems not interested to get her memory back because shes afraid that she might not like the new her...The husband do the best he could to get back his wife...
Unfortunately they divorce since the wife cannot remember their love together...
I cannot reveal to much info about this movie becoz everyone need to go and watch for yourself...

It is based on true story...Seriously soo sad because Until the end the wife cant regain her memories back but the husband make the wife fall in love with him all over again..Thats what we call sweet love forever and ever... NEVER GIVE UP! WAY TO GO!

The wife is Rachel McAdams but the husband is soooo freaking charming and handsome which played by  Channing Tatum... <3 till then xoxo!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

End of diploma...:(

Okay after 3 years of suffering.....Its about time for us to finish....
On 31st March 2012 9am at Dewan Sri Temenggung is my last paper which is Auditing....
The last paper is quite a killer paper....So di pagi yg hening..pergi dewan exam dengan dada penuh ilmu..but yg keluar examnye topic skitt je but still SUSAHHHH!!!.... :( Ya allah, hambamu ini sudah cuba sedaya upaya dan aku berserah, tawakal kepada-Mu..berikanlah yg terbaik bwt hamba mu ini...Amin...

Sharp at 12pm...Payyperr habes yeahhhh!!!! So sejurus je keluar dari dewan everyone keep huggings and saying goodbye... :( its kinda sad to say goodbye...Everyone tears but not me..its not like i dont feel sad to say goodbye indeed i am..But i'm not the one who easily can express or show my true feelings...Perhaps on that last day i just keep on smiling and hugs everyone tightly and say goodbye forever LA LA LA LA.... :( Farewell my friends till we meet again...

For this 3 years...when i looked back....All the drama involve... the tears and struggling in study...It was kinda hard to handle....but the one that kept me stronger is my trusted friends...At first its hard for me to make friends because im not the one who friendly and say "Hi, can we be friend or whatsoever.." and for about 2 weeks when i was in part 1 then i make some friends...During orientasi i became friends with zurieyanna (roommate),fara,fifa, hanie and lyanaa....But none of them is same as my course except hanie..we were both accouting.....But hanie is not in my class...

So, i've got JAC1101D first im just sitting alone and going to class alone but then i found this girl who name ILA and after that onward i always clinging around with her..but then she quit and further study in teaching...:( there i am left alone AGAIN....-___-....So i started to make a move to be friends with Farhana and the geng which is nani,bella,aini,anis :D they are quite fun...
But then, i just realized nina,zurina,embung and ika in my we started to make a group for english project and so on....And by that we started to built friendship...i Guess so lah...not quite remember how..
Farhana and the geng

Zurina and the geng

kwn2 course banking :D

So after part 2 we started to change class and here we are in JAC1102B until JAC1106B forever... <3

Last class of 2012

girls rules forever

A lots of memories that happen here in segamat...Sweet, Sad, Happy, Stupid, Childish, everything i experience here....i've learn a lot from there....they taught me a different food and new languages :D such as TEMPE...JAJAN...NASI AMBANG and so on.... i always address people like "i you and awk saya" but with them first time using "kau aku" which they said if called kau aku bermakna kt lebih rapat and selesa..yeahh totally...:P

Mama ckp : Dulu nk masuk uitm siap kene paksa nangis2....but now dh hbes baru tau sedeh... :( you are Damn Right mama!
As she said to me that i am different than my other siblings..i dunno how to be independent, make friends,coward, spoil brat, and BLA BLA i need to learn...
Yeah mama and so i have learn a lot :P <3

Thanks pals for the great journey and memories...i hope i will not forget it since i tend to easily forget such things...i hope not :(.... i will remain and lock if my heart <3 So No goodbye but see you again :D

my wish is that i hope we can graduate together and achieve our dreams..AMin...

Thanks for the gift sorry xsempat bagi ape2...

A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely.
Pam Brown

"People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!" 
by Ali Nitka

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty Little Liars~

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.” ― Sara Shepard

Boring day..

Okay, its only been 3 days.. since me and thiya stayed at home...but we already felt like its been a week! DAMN! Momma schooling...Sistahood working to...Besides working part time as bibik at home...Dancing Class by NIDA LA VIDA...FaceBOOOKINGG..TwiTTERINNG...Movie-INGGG...So what else can we do...CAMWHOREEEEE with IPHONEEEE new application for editing picture... :D HEEEEE

I love u sissy...

Oh not to forget....Yesterday i saw one of my friend at Facebook did some quiz or something about her TRUE COLOR...and some of the word really suit her :) *no offense please..Before this all quizzes at FB kinda stupid and boring...WORD BORING really suit me at the mean time..So it really caught my attention to try out...So... i did it :D

Firstly, i have a mystic aura?? WHATSOEVER it is....
Secondly, yess trulyy im not a selfish okay you'allsss.....but i do sometimes get really interested with anything easily....
Thirdly, about my mood definitely 100% sure of mood always up and down..cant really handle it well..
Fourth, i am popular among my friends..CEHHH! *masuk bakul puji diri sendiri....-__-
Fifth i tend to act stupid sometimes...i mean most of the time but im not stupid okay...:D
Lastly...i forget things easily...seriously i feel like a LOSER person..everytime i went to kitchen and the i forget what really i want...Besides that, all the childhood memories is kinda blurry with is kinda sad..
Last time one of this girl saw me a Shopping Mall and she said that she is in the same school with me DARJAH 3 ok...seriously i cant remember you...
So im scared that i will forget my beloved friends that are far...far...far...far away from me...Hope so not!
Just as you know i really love RED COLOR....xoxo!