Sunday, January 27, 2013

A buzy week for me!

 Last few days on Thursday which is 24th January..
My sister's boyfriend berhajat nk merisik....
So it is a sudden thing...We need to prepare things and clean our messy house...
Like come onn....its just been a few days baru balik dr college..I need to redeem my sleeping beauty time...Since finals i havent sleep well...
So that's it i need to be bibik and help them..Yeah whatever..

All my auntiess and neneks saudara here to help us..
And so our cousins..Thank you people~!

Him + The ring

His side of family + Mom and sissy
Me sissy cousin di belakang tadbir...
p/s : Curik dr insta Arjuna!
After that we and cousin went out to have fun... We watch The impossible movie!
It was a breath taking movie though...

So then the day after tomorrow Zakie's family invited us to the Majlis Aqiqah and Berendoi at Dewan LTJ...
And there you go....

This is My sis Fana and Zakie
-Bagai pinang dibelah dua..

Their engagement soon to come this May..

Baby yaya,irfan and rayqal

Me and familia

Door gift....super cute

All the food was very delicious plus this lamb very yummy my fav!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Familia Vacation...

After 2 or 3 month studying at Kelantan..And thiya already back to Kedah..
Mom finally taking us a break time to a short vacation...After she heard many kinds of stuff from me...Crying...Hated...Misreable being there..
So here we are in Johor Bahru....
Actually we plan to stay for 2 days in JB then go to Singapore for shopping...
But the they forget that me and my sister passport hasn't renew so the conclusion have been made...we should STAYED IN JB only.....

We stayed at Paragon hotel...For 3 days and 2 nights....
First day our journey started and it takes 4 to 5hours drive there..
Then we stopped by Johor Premium Outlet to shopp until you drop..0-0

Finally arrived at JB but then its already night so check-in and we just take dinner in hotel..
Tomorrow plan is LEGOLAND!!!!! YEAHHHHH......Get a good rest and sleep tight...

But before that at hotel we took breakfast+lunch= BRUNCH firsttt!!

Legoland is quite nice..But i preferred Universal Studio more compare to Legoland..But yeahh whatever....The weather is too hot and i am not in a good mood..WHO CARESS!!!

Day after dat we just hanging around in hotel and SWIMM SWIMM :D YIPPY!

Then we just go around JB to shop at The Zone and so on...
The food at JB was quite delicious...Easy to find good restaurant everywhere...
Mostly car plates at JB is S which stands for SINGAPOREHH! Whyy??? ;/

And so we are back to reality..back to well...PEACE YAWW!!!

I am graduated....

HElloooo....there! Long time no see heard!
Its been busy doing a full time degree aiccettt :P
I have no time to update my blog with everything going on...

So here i would like to share some pictures of my Graduation day...
Venue : UiTM Shah Alam...
UiTM Convo 77th 24-26 Dec

A week before the actual date we must go and collect our robes and invitation card :D..Excited much!

And hell yeah i am Officially a Dip in Accountancy holder..Congratulations to me :P
After 3 years of struggling to study..All the hardship i faced...Tears involved in the process..But i made it..Graduated from Diploma in Accountancy.. Special Thanks to my families, friends and Allah SWT... <3 span="">

With my cutang..The one who raised me aside from my mum <3 td="">

Muaxhhh! Xoxo

My mummy whole i look up too..Thanks for everything me love you!

My first sister who being extra over excited!

My spoilt brats sister- Thiya
p/s: My family not in the pictures is my second sister Farhana and our boy Adri....
Here are some of my friends...I cant find my others best friend.. But thanks for those who helped me through thick and thin..I appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bachelor time~

Say hello to another path of life...
I am graduated student of accounting...
From University of Teknologi Mara,(UiTM Segamat, Johor)
3years i struggling to finished my professional course...
It was a difficult and yet experience time of my life...

But now i decided to further my studies to next level...
I choose to be still in business areas..
Not accounting anymore...Nope not anymore...
I am now studying Bachelor of Finance (Hons)....
Its a different path i choose rather than continue in accounting...
It is easier...not that easy but its no a burden than before..

Now i am living at Machang, Kelantan..
Its a new place and absolutely different culture..
I seriously cant adapt here yet....
Its because there is no entertainment here...
Where entertainment is absolutely important for me.. (WTHECKK???)

I need to put my self together and have faith..
Remember people who loves me...
And be strong..
Allah, Moms, sisters, brother, best-friends, Granny,
Its the best for me...
Just suck it and i will be fine..

So here is my life

Block D-classes

Uitm machang is soo freaking big...Its very alike Uitm Shah Alam..
Berbukit bukit and if you want to move in this uitm you need to ride a van..
And it cost you only 50sen..
As a bachelor student i rent a house and not applying a college..

My house is a small bungalow besides uitm and its so near...
Its a very comfy house where it has washing machine,refrigerator,tv with astro :p
It has 8 rooms here where some have 4 or 5 people in a rooms..

Btw i need to wear hijab here..
So its not a problem for me because maybe i can change for good ;p
Who knows ~

Ah-lan wassalam

Spot the differences ;p

With nurul and afeikah

Sayy meooww ;O

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I know ramadhan sudahhh berlaluuuu~ Raya sudah pergiiiii~~~
But i miss the moment...Especially hang out with my friends..
Now everyone is busy with their college life and work life.... -.-
So untuk mengubat rindu....I just wanted to make this entry of our little hang out which is berbuka puasa with my friendsss ....
Location : Great Estern Mall - Cozy House Restaurant <3 p="p">

Yaya intan wanie me~

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Hevox Aidilfitri 2012

Well every year me and family will celebrate our Raya Eve at Alor Setar Kedah! ;D
Our Atuk and Tok wan's house :D
First day like a tradition after solat raya we would collect our duit raya from family members and ber maaf-maafann :P
The only makan ketupat rendang...
Nasi tomato yumm~
So then only we can go meraya to others house!
My Family potrait

Bajet Victoria Secret >.<
Collecting duit raya and bermaaf-maafan -.-

Our second day of raya is more hevox than the first one...
Mom would cook rendang to eat with ketupat...Since atuk is paralyze so not enough hand to cook...Mom just need to order delicious food from Ana's parents...Becoz on the second day all our relatives and cousineesss would come and raya <3 p="p">
My family portrait of second day!

Craziesttt cousin!

With piqa@peot

And the third day of raya me-family and cousin went to penang....
Jalan jalannn jalann...Makannn makann makann..shoppingg shopping...rayyaaa rayyaaa!

And since raya is one month to celebrate, so the next following week i organize open house to my dearer bestfriendsss <3 aiceetttt="aiceetttt" at="at" babehh="babehh" garden="garden" kuala="kuala" lumpur="lumpur" melati="melati" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" place="place" raya="raya" s="s" to="to">Mum cooks bihun soup and special tomato's soup mee! Yumm~

Mimie-school friend!

Uitm pals-aten & syaza


School mates





With Azim~

My Gymnast pals~

Yaya my bff~
Me the host~

So till then~ Xoxo @ AmyL