Friday, September 21, 2012

My Hevox Aidilfitri 2012

Well every year me and family will celebrate our Raya Eve at Alor Setar Kedah! ;D
Our Atuk and Tok wan's house :D
First day like a tradition after solat raya we would collect our duit raya from family members and ber maaf-maafann :P
The only makan ketupat rendang...
Nasi tomato yumm~
So then only we can go meraya to others house!
My Family potrait

Bajet Victoria Secret >.<
Collecting duit raya and bermaaf-maafan -.-

Our second day of raya is more hevox than the first one...
Mom would cook rendang to eat with ketupat...Since atuk is paralyze so not enough hand to cook...Mom just need to order delicious food from Ana's parents...Becoz on the second day all our relatives and cousineesss would come and raya <3 p="p">
My family portrait of second day!

Craziesttt cousin!

With piqa@peot

And the third day of raya me-family and cousin went to penang....
Jalan jalannn jalann...Makannn makann makann..shoppingg shopping...rayyaaa rayyaaa!

And since raya is one month to celebrate, so the next following week i organize open house to my dearer bestfriendsss <3 aiceetttt="aiceetttt" at="at" babehh="babehh" garden="garden" kuala="kuala" lumpur="lumpur" melati="melati" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" place="place" raya="raya" s="s" to="to">Mum cooks bihun soup and special tomato's soup mee! Yumm~

Mimie-school friend!

Uitm pals-aten & syaza


School mates





With Azim~

My Gymnast pals~

Yaya my bff~
Me the host~

So till then~ Xoxo @ AmyL

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