Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am graduated....

HElloooo....there! Long time no see heard!
Its been busy doing a full time degree aiccettt :P
I have no time to update my blog with everything going on...

So here i would like to share some pictures of my Graduation day...
Venue : UiTM Shah Alam...
UiTM Convo 77th 24-26 Dec

A week before the actual date we must go and collect our robes and invitation card :D..Excited much!

And hell yeah i am Officially a Dip in Accountancy holder..Congratulations to me :P
After 3 years of struggling to study..All the hardship i faced...Tears involved in the process..But i made it..Graduated from Diploma in Accountancy.. Special Thanks to my families, friends and Allah SWT... <3 span="">

With my cutang..The one who raised me aside from my mum <3 td="">

Muaxhhh! Xoxo

My mummy whole i look up too..Thanks for everything me love you!

My first sister who being extra over excited!

My spoilt brats sister- Thiya
p/s: My family not in the pictures is my second sister Farhana and our boy Adri....
Here are some of my friends...I cant find my others best friend.. But thanks for those who helped me through thick and thin..I appreciate it!

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