Sunday, January 27, 2013

A buzy week for me!

 Last few days on Thursday which is 24th January..
My sister's boyfriend berhajat nk merisik....
So it is a sudden thing...We need to prepare things and clean our messy house...
Like come onn....its just been a few days baru balik dr college..I need to redeem my sleeping beauty time...Since finals i havent sleep well...
So that's it i need to be bibik and help them..Yeah whatever..

All my auntiess and neneks saudara here to help us..
And so our cousins..Thank you people~!

Him + The ring

His side of family + Mom and sissy
Me sissy cousin di belakang tadbir...
p/s : Curik dr insta Arjuna!
After that we and cousin went out to have fun... We watch The impossible movie!
It was a breath taking movie though...

So then the day after tomorrow Zakie's family invited us to the Majlis Aqiqah and Berendoi at Dewan LTJ...
And there you go....

This is My sis Fana and Zakie
-Bagai pinang dibelah dua..

Their engagement soon to come this May..

Baby yaya,irfan and rayqal

Me and familia

Door gift....super cute

All the food was very delicious plus this lamb very yummy my fav!