Saturday, July 28, 2012

SaLam Al-Mubarak~

Okay its been a week dah berpuasa...Alhamdullilah..
So in this great month let us beramal ibadah :)

Just wanna share my menu of berbuka puasa this one whole week :D

These are so called dessert i guess...

Roti Jala with curry chicken

Butter cuppie cakes

Cookies oats

Moist Choc cake

Oh btw we made some triffle and it delicious but the looks doesn't so much...So i decided not to upload it here:)

And now for our main dishes ~
For the first 3days we ate rice but then since boring and everyone want to diet and look good in their "Baju Raya".. And so we change to taiwan soups...Or Western Food..Its all home made :P

Not to forget my Midnight Snacks
Froggie Cadburry and Mark & Spencer Choc~
And peeps~ Last but not least dont forget to lakukan byk amal-ibadah :D

Masjid Wilayah

Bak kata ustaz setelah selesai solat subuh banyakkan membaca al-quran..
Just sharing :)....Till then

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dinosaur Life~

On 9 July, me and family went to Melaka...Just to spent our time on monday since everyone in my family members take leave... So went to Dahtaran Pahlawan,Melaka...
Shopping there is kinda like heaven...Superb~ Because its so cheap... And there's a lot of english style clothes we can get there easily...Like everywhere <3
Then there is like Dinosaur exhibition where RM10 per entry...
Some of The Dinosaur were kinda move and roarrrr like hell...And there is one of the T-Rex were eating meat..Eyuwww grosss..
Although most people in there is kid but it was a quite nice...Its like a little adventure...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I know its been a while... Euro 2012 already over like 1 and a half week...-.-
But for me its not really over until today..Because before this i still turn on channel euro to see highlights or replay match....
So today i found out that channel does not exist anymore...So finally euro is officially finish for me...So saddd :(((

Therefore i would like to congratulate to Viva La Espana...
Although my mighty Germany only manage to semi finals....
But As my second team is Spain :D So cheers for them~
#Casillas #Torres #Fabregas #Silva #Ramos <3 <3 <3 :)