Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mid Year Holiday!!! Indonesia Part 1 and part 2

1. KLIA airport~! @currently at 6am

Perfect picture of our family p/s that green guy semakk indon mane enth~!

Shah eddy @ liana's bff

Soul mate sister~!

Ok lets get moving...
Jakarta here we come~
Jakarta airport...waiting for our car~!

Ala-ala limousin
So chill~

Great view though

Next dinner please...

Back to our Hotel~
Discuss about our plan for second day xD

Next day its shopping time~

 Okeh till then Day 1 and 2.....

Oh ya i almost forget breakfast at our hotel~!

Last but not must eat dinner with Bakso....Seriously superb~! yumm..rindu~

Ok bye~Xoxo